Protects your hands and the product

  • Klipp-Klapp-Ps

Everyone knows the practical Clip Clap tin that you open by pressing on the lid. It takes only a light pressure on the edge of the lid to shut it, with the teeth closing firmly around the lower part of the tin.

Our Clip Clap tins have a special characteristic: the lids are powder-coated to prevent anyone injuring themselves on their teeth. The special mechanism ensures that the tin won’t come open by itself in your bag. Whether it holds sweets or chewing gum, everything is well protected.

The bottom part of the tin is available in various diameters and in deep drawn or welded version.


  • Powder-coated lid with glossy effect
  • No corrosion or oxidation
  • Conforms to FDA requirements and is approved for sale in USA/EU
  • The tins can be filled automatically


Offset printing
Sizes bottom part deep drawn
Ø 53 mm, H 18 mm
Ø 76 mm, H 22 mm
Sizes bottom part welded
Ø 52 mm, H 70 – 135 mm
Ø 83 mm, H 70 – 200 mm
Ø 108 mm, H 70 – 200 mm
Minimum quantity
On request


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