Explore all the fast moving consumer goods markets we proudly serve with our superior quality product lines! From food to healthcare, from tobacco to beauty – for all brands with a global ambition.

  • Food markets

  • Non-food markets

  • Infant nutrition
    Intensive hygiene and quality standard management, HACCP & BRC packaging certification. Easily equippable with your desired spoon or cup. Durable and hygienically clean.
    See our caring solutions!
  • Spices & Herbs
    High-quality packaging for spices. European specialist in manufacturing complete tin packaging for herbs and spices in our factories. Wide range of diameters available, printed in any desired design. Special dispensers on request.
    Keep the spice safe!
  • Butter, Ghee & Cheese
    A dairy packaging you can trust. Special tins for the export market. Every tin is protected against light and air. Long-term protection to keep the taste perfect all the way.
    Conserve the perfect taste!
  • Food, meat & fish
     We have a solution! Partnerships with the world’s leading food processing companies. Tinplate packaging for special foods, tins for meat, fish, dried fruits homeopathic food supplements and vitamins. Excellent solutions for fish products. Mono-material recyclable packaging.
    Protect my food products!
  • Confectionary
    Shapes, colors and designs: that’s what we offer if you ask for confectionary packaging! Attractive way to pack all kinds of candy, biscuits, chocolate, apple syrup and other confectionery products. Added value for both primary and promotional lines. Long lasting promotional value and branding. 360° protection for Sweets & Gums
    To colorful confectionary packaging!
  • Travel & Retail products
    Special requests or giveaway products in travel and retail to attract more customers? Nothing can beat our high quality ideas! Added value for various products and even for alcoholic beverages! Revolutionary and contemporary look: expertise in creating innovative things with great promotional and collectible value.
    Our solutions for your promotions!
  • Food markets

  • Non-food markets

  • Tobacco
    Europe’s number one in the development and production of packaging for the tobacco industry. Permanently recyclable with a market recyclability rate at 93%. Durable product that keeps its shape while protects the aroma inside.
    Pack my tobacco!
  • Snus
    Carry your snus wherever you go with our lightweight packaging! Many years of experience in the development and. Various innovative and high quality snus packaging, from idea to actual products. Plastic or tin boxes, high durability.
    Pack your snus safe and easy!
  • Cannabis
    Safety taken seriously. Packaging that protects the product and kids alike, while complying with regulations. Maximum quality and security at the same time: our child safe packaging solutions are certified, patented and proven to be outstanding.
    To the secure solution!
  • Coffee, tea & cocoa
    Keeping the aroma fresh and dry for handpicked ingredients. Manufacturing mono-material recyclable tinplate packaging for renowned coffee, tea and cocoa products. Tin with sealing foil or airtight cans for the vacuum preservation of coffee and tea. A design you will love, and a quality you can trust. Perfect aroma protection in 360°
    Keep the aroma safe!
  • Industrial, agricultural & pharmaceutical
    Dedicated products for almost every industry. Development of tinplate packaging for chemical, industrial and agricultural purposes. The highest quality and safety requirements for paint, antique wax, glue, chemical oil, lacquer/coating, leather grease and ink. Also smaller components such as caps of aerosols, closures for glass and plastic jars.
    Show me the possibilities!
  • Beauty, home & health
    Beautiful packaging for beauty-products? We got it! From promotional tins for creams and ointments to small containers for lip balm, wax and tiger balm. Creams, hair products, oils – literally anything. EcoDesign lines with recycled PP materials. In-mold labeling and various components on your request.
    Amazing beauty packaging!
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