• Cr tin ps
    The child safe packaging solution
    Recyclable child resistant tins for dry products, edibles, pills, powders, blossoms/flowers and pouches.
  • Metal Compound Lid 2
    Airtight Lid | The ultimate freshness solution
    The metal lid preserves freshness and flavour. Special compound for resealability.
  • Hoffmann The Tin Recycan Ps
    RecyCan® | 100% recycled steel packaging
    Tinplate cans made from nearly 100% recycled steel
  • Hoffmann The Tin Green Steel ps
    CO2-reduced Tin | Green Steel
    Improving your eco-balance with CO2-reduced steel
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Tins & Cans


Hoffmann square tins are deep-drawn or folded. Tin lids are available in flip-top, snap-on and sliding formats. Lids can have a rolling edge, flat edge, or they can be expanded. For maximum flavor protection, we recommend square tins with a freshness seal (FreshPack™).



When making round tins, we first print and varnish the metal sheet, which we then punch out and deep-draw. Round tins have a slip lid, which can simply be pulled off, unscrewed or opened by pressing it. Lids are available with a rolling or flat edge. Our specialty round tins include Klipp-Klapp® tins, squeeze top tins, and snap top tins.



Cans are also known as three-piece tins because they comprise the body, lid and bottom; they are welded laterally. Depending on whether you want to fill the tin from above or below, we can either crimp the bottom or the membrane of the tin, and/or the lid. Our cans are vacuum-tight and are manufactured according to the current quality requirements for food packaging.



Whether in the shape of a heart, octagon or semicircular printed box, or if it is with or without a plastic insert, our customized tins present unimaginable possibilities when playing with shapes. Dare to create something new and surprise your customers. We will be by your side right from the initial idea to customized production.

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Plastic Products

Plastic Jars

We manufacture various types of packaging within the Health & Beauty -segment. Such as jars and lids for cosmetics face and body creams, hair products etc. We also choose EcoDesign materials for our cosmetic jars and lids. It means that we can use recycled PP materials to create cosmetic packaging products and product the environment at the same time! To decorate the lids and jars, we use In-Mold Labeling technology, so there is no need for applying a label at the customers end. The most recent members of our product range are double wall jars.

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Plastic components

We manufacture various types of packaging within the Health & Beauty-segment, including different plastic components. Closures, tube applicators, add-on spoons, caps, openers and other small and detailed parts are all part of our wide-range portfolio.

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Using the latest technical capabilities, we can create digital or offset printing, varnishing and embossing effects according to the specifications of your brand design design. For example, our latest 3D coating varnish innovation gives your tin a special touch and makes it a unique work of art, both visually and to touch. Of course, metal tins are also highly suitable for embossing or debossing which are appealing to touch and enhance the packaging value. We can also integrate various security features on the packaging to protect your products against counterfeiting.

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