Why work with us?

  • We keep our promises.
  • We are a sustainable company thriving to make the Earth a better place
  • We are privately owned and independent
  • We are creative and encourage you to be that as well
  • We are open to new ideas and constant improvement

The majority of our tins are produced in Europe. This ensures that the product quality – the finish and the material as well – are made by the highest standards while keeping short lead times. Not only we are close to you, but we also give work to hundreds of skilled, European colleagues across multiple European countries. We know your values, we understand your expectations, and we fulfill your demands to bring your product to success. Whatever project you have on your mind, we like to talk about it - in person or virtually. We think globally, but create your tins locally, here, in Europe.

    Added value Made in Europe


We are delighted to have received numerous awards in recent years for our own developments and customer references. They are a wonderful confirmation of our work at the highest level. Our most recent award was: Gold at the "Canmaker Award 2023" in the category Ends, Caps and Closures.

  • The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2023 <br>Cat. Ends, Caps & Closures The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2023<br>Cat. Ends, Caps & Closures The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2023
    Cat. Ends, Caps & Closures
  • The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2022 <br>Cat. Sustainability and Delegates' Choice Green Steel Tins The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2022
    Cat. Sustainability and Delegates' Choice
  • IPA 2021<br>International Packaging Association Award Recycan we Love The Planet IPA 2021
    International Packaging Association Award
  • The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2021<br>Cat. Sustainability and Ends, Caps & Closures Nescafe Gold Roastery Dark Front Image PNG Transparent The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2021
    Cat. Sustainability and Ends, Caps & Closures

Do you have special requirements for the packaging of your product and your own ideas? Be it an unusual shape, a special cap or a unique finish or safety feature. For us, (almost) everything is possible. Together, we can develop a tin according to your ideas – from the initial idea and production, to logistics and the filling process.

    Awards Tailor made development


As a manufacturer of metal tins, strict quality policy is an essential part of our corporate strategy. We therefore focus on the standards that our customers must comply with and prove. We continuously optimize systems, processes, and production to ensure the highest product quality in the future, too. We adhere to the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and we are regularly audited by external experts for our certifications.

Our certifications:

Environmental Policy

Quality Policy




BRC Packaging Materials certificated




A huge advantage: Metal is fully recyclable without affecting product quality. Of all the metal that people have produced over the last 250 years, nearly 100 % is still in use in some way today! However, the production of our tins is linked to high costs and emissions. We do our best to protect the environment:

CO2 Emissions

Since 2005, we have had a target agreement with the Swiss government to reduce our CO2 emissions and increase our energy efficiency. By 2012, we had improved our energy efficiency by 27 %, and by 2020, we hope to reach another additional 3 %.


From 2010 to 2015, we halved our water consumption to 3,000 m3.


In the past, we used to use crude oil as a fuel source. Today, our energy is generated solely from water and gas.


All waste created by the production process is sorted and recycled. We act according to the principle of "avoid / reduce / recycle". For example, today, the tinplate for our conserving tins is 23 % thinner than in 1970.

Exhaust Air Gases

In our varnishing lines, the air purification is carried out by downstream thermal afterburning systems (TNV, or "Thermische Nachverbrennungsanlagen"). Solvent vapors and pollutants are therefore almost completely removed.

​ Metal Recycles Forever

Tinplate tins are the most frequently recycled consumer packaging in Europe. Today 85,5% of steel packaging is recycled in Europe. Metal Packaging Europe has developed an on-pack logo "Metal Recycles Forever" to standardize sustainability messaging on rigid metal packaging throughout Europe. You can take part too and request your on-pack license for the "Metal Recycles Forever" logo.

Sustainability News

  • Winner Canmaker Cans of the Awards
    02. Nov 2023

    Hoffmann receives two awards from the Canmaker Magazine

    The company's airtight metal lid takes gold in the lids and closures category, while its all-metal CR cans are awarded bronze for prototyping.


  • 20230206 NEO Press Release 1x1
    09. Feb 2023

    Hoffmann Neopac secures CO2-reduced tinplate from thyssenkrupp Rasselstein longterm

    In cooperation with Hoffmann Neopac, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH has achieved another step towards climate neutrality. The two companies signed a letter of intent that ensures the long-term supply of the new CO2-reduced bluemint® rasselstein® packaging steel by thyssenkrupp Rasselstein.


  • Child resistant tins
    15. Nov 2022

    Hoffmann Neopac Debuts Fully Metal Child-Resistant Tins for Cannabis Edibles, Pills and Pouches at MJBizCon

    Company’s next generation of recyclable CR Tins meet stringent guidelines to keep kids & pets safe – all while further enhancing overall sustainability.




Skilled and professional: Our prepress center offers comprehensive advice and support right up to printing approval.

  • Complete print preparation for cost-effective execution on our six-color printing system
  • Data and quality control
  • Image processing
  • Data handling, data archiving and backup
  • CTP plate exposure in different formats
  • Production of plates and silkscreen-printing templates

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At the right place, at the right time: Thanks to our logistics services, our customers can optimize their own storage of empty and filled tins and significantly reduce storage and financing costs. From monitoring requirements of packaging production to delivery, we complete everything right on time. This is particularly valuable in markets with seasonal fluctuations and for product ranges with many different features (versions in different languages, sizes, product variations).

Efficiency pays off: Our technical support has already been helpful to many companies, having been able to make filling their metal packaging substantially more efficient. As a skilled consultant, we advise and support you in all questions relating to production line concepts and engineering, as well as during the modification of existing or the evaluation of new filling machines or procedures.

At a certain minimum order quantity, we guarantee on-time delivery and respond flexibly to the needs of the customer. From Europe, for Europe: Compared to manufacturers from China, for example, we have a clear geographical advantage as a Swiss company with faster, shorter transport distances by truck rather than delivery by shipping containers.

    Design Logistics Technical support Delivery times

Production of Tins

In order to manufacture round and square tins, we first print on and varnish the metal sheet, which we then cut into strips, punch out and deep-draw. Deep-drawing is the tensile compression forming of a metal sheet using stamps and stencils. After further reconstruction, the definitive shape and functionality of the tin is finalized. We use high-performance presses that can produce up to 200 tins per minute depending on the size and shape of the tin.

Welded tins are made from three parts (the body, lid and bottom) and are therefore often referred to as three-piece tins. In order to manufacture welded tins, we first print on and varnish the metal sheet, which we then cut and place into the "Bodymaker" machine to create a tube, which is welded length-ways. Afterwards, the tin body is crimped up and down so the edges are folded over. The body is therefore tightly sealed to the lid or the bottom. For the next step, the tins are grooved if desired, which gives the tin more stability. The tin then leaves our factory and goes to the contract filler or brand manufacturer. During the filling process, the third component for the open side of the body is tightly sealed to the body after the tin has been filled with its contents.

Folded tins are available in both square and round, as well as customized shapes. Firstly, the strips of the metal sheet are printed and varnished, then stamped and bent into the desired shape. The ends are then laterally turned over (folded) and tightly sealed together. With folded tins, the joints are clearly visible and perceptible, however, printing and finishes can be aligned exactly on top of them. Our tins with customized decoration are referred to our certified partner because we cannot accommodate them with the facilities at our Thun factory.

    Deep-drawing Welding Folding
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