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We’re pushing recycling to the extreme

All tinplate cans contain some recycled steel. For our demanding customers selling organic products, we are moving far away from the status quo and pushing can recycling to the extreme: We offer food-compliant tinplate cans made from 100% recycled steel. This gives manufacturers the possibility to put their sustainable products in high-grade recycled packaging, which can be recycled almost endlessly. The yearly quantity is restricted due to availability of the recycle fraction and the new processing route.

The recycling path of a tinplate can

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During the tinplate recycling process for our RecyCan® cans, both steel and tin are separated. Because only a few countries in Europe have iron ore deposits, like Sweden, Austria and Ukraine, tinplate scrap and steel scrap are essential secondary raw materials for the steel industry. Every steel product contains recycled steel, whether it’s a car body panel, steel for tools or a tinplate can. The recovered tin (1.5 kilos per ton) is used as a soldering agent for circuit boards, among other uses.

Logo Cantocan Gold 500Px


  • Cans made of 100% recycled steel
  • Closes the packaging loop
  • 60% less energy use compared to new production
  • Effectively protects the product from light, air and damp
  • Suitable for food: nutrients and appearance are preserved and the smell remains fresh


Body, bottom and lid Nearly 100% recycled steel
3-piece cans
2-piece cans or
Deep-drawn cans
Printing Direct offset printing with UV-cured colors and varnish
​Compliant with regulations
EN food standard

Consumer advice

Anyone who collects cans contributes to protecting the environment. The cleaner the cans, the easier it is to recycle them. Therefore, the cans should be empty and the labels removed insofar as possible. And: Flattened cans take up far less space in trucks, which reduces the number of trips.


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