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News_Amarelli 28. March 2017

Success story of Amarelli liquorice packed in tins

An interview with Margherita Amarelli sales & marketing director and owner of Amarelli Fabbrica di Liquirizia Sas.

1. Why did you launch this product?

We were among the first ones to commercialize pure liquorice in metal tins. The first one was realized at the beginning of the 1900. Metal tins maintain the intense taste of our high-quality liquorice. Still today the metal packaging is our leading reference.

2. What people is the product aimed at? Where is it distributed?

We distribute mainly in Europe. The French, German and Scandinavian markets represent our main partners, and they are printed in 8 different languages. They represent our business core. The metal tin still remain the most loved product.

3. What was the main driver for choosing a tin-packaging for your product?

Attention to every particular detail (as regards metal foil thickness, joint and colour rendering), practicality and charm of the vintage style.

4. What main requirements does Amarelli have from a packaging supplier?

We require precision and attention in the realization of the product, in the ordering of platforms and trays, deliveries on time and flexibility.

5. Why did Amarelli hire Hoffmann to create the packaging?

Hoffmann never disappointed our expectations in the attention to detail, in colour rendering and image reproduction. Hoffmann has always responded on time to our requests and he solved the problems with collaborative spirit.

6. What is the big advantage of a tin/metal packaging? What about sustainability?

The metal tins preserve product quality and they allow you to bring wherever with yourself our liquorice. The product keeps unchanged as well as the intensity of perfumes. Moreover, the metal tins are more elegant than plastic or paper simple packaging and the elegance portends the high-quality of the product that it contains and this attracts the purchase. The tin is reusable many times and for different uses and tinplate is fully recyclable.

7. What was the most difficult requirement to fulfil and how were you satisfied with the performance of Hoffmann?

The flexibility in the definition of the delivery schedule, the possibility to create a warehouse stock to avoid the running out of product, the concrete and collaborative problem solving, the almost non-existence of flawed products, are the best performances of Hoffmann.

8. Anything special concerning the secondary packaging?

The metal tin has a more important value if, as in our case, it reproduces ancient labels of the Amarelli Archives produced between 1920 and 1960, in addition to new graphics exclusively designed for Amarelli. They have pocket-size usability with an optimum product protection.

9. Your personal statement to Hoffmann

Trusting in Hoffmann professionalism we wanted to become again customer of this reliable, serious and professional company. Then we found together new solutions to conditions and purchase programs. For this reason we entrusted to Hoffmann all the Amarelli tins production.

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