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The most innovative tin & can products for your promotions!

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Why choose our packaging for your promotional purposes and demands?

  • premium & special product lines for travel and retail
  • your ideas come true in the best quality
  • keep the beautiful finish while stay environmental-friendly
  • great promotional & collectible value
  • every can & tin is smoothly detailed
  • aroma tight
  • mono-material, recyclable packaging
  • Hoffmann The Tin Referenzen Caran Dache Hoffmann The Tin Referenzen Caran Dache
  • Hoffmann The Tin Referenzen Welovetheplanet Hoffmann The Tin Referenzen Welovetheplanet
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KLM had the wish to increase the amount of business and first class travelers. With the aid of giveaways they wanted to attract more passengers, and this was where we were contacted. We developed an innovative packaging for a typically Dutch product: Wilhelmina Peppermint. A triangular tin packaging with clip lock was selected, with initially six different designs. We took care of the entire production and handling (including filling) of the cans for KLM. After the introduction of the cans they turned out to be a great success: travelers saved the cans and wanted to collect them! The one-off promotion turned into a long lasting product which is still being used today.

Have you seen our “shaped cans”? Once we were asked by one of our customers to develop a new and innovating packaging for an alcoholic beverage. The starting point for the packaging was a high-quality, revolutionary and contemporary look. We developed various concepts for this, with the definitive design currently in production in our factory. The result: a stylish and innovative metal beverage packaging we call “shaped can”!

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