Tins for spices and herbs

Tins, that will protect your product in its journey

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Why choose tin packaging for spices and herbs?

  • great protection with special dispensers
  • wide range of spice-compatible cans with beautiful finish
  • permanently recyclable (market recyclability rate 93%)
  • durability, 360° full protection
  • can be reused & refilled
  • easy to equip with our range of plastic dispensers
  • aroma tight
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We are the European specialist in manufacturing tins for spices and herbs in our factories. We have several automatic production lines for the manufacturing of spice and herbs tins in multiple diameters. Furthermore there is a plastic dispenser available for every tin, which are being produced in-house. Herewith we can supply you a complete tin packaging for herbs and spices. We have different diameters available, which may be printed in any desired design.

Tailor made for you

Once we received a request to supply a large volume of tins for spices, which needed to be developed from scratch in a short amount of time. The customer has had a steady increase in demand for various types of printed cans, that were developed by us. Previously plain cans were being used, where the brand design was differentiated by the use of labels. We recommended -  in light of the short lead time - to print the cans instead of labeling them, which would allow a far more efficient production at the customers’ end. Within 4 months 2 dedicated production lines for tinplate parts and 1 for the plastic dispenser were working in our factory and the first supply had been done to the customer.

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