Plastic components

Plastic components for various purposes

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Why choose our components for your products?

  • wide range of possible solutions to fill your needs for plastic components
  • mono-material, recyclable products on demand
  • direct decoration on durable parts
  • custom finish
  • easily connectable with our other product lines
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Do you have plans about equipping your products with plastic components? We manufacture lots of different components for various industries. Examples for this are the caps of aerosols, several closures for glass and plastic jars, daily use objects and jars, and even inserts for food and dry powder products. Caps, openers, products equipped with spoon and other small and detailed parts too. We can do in-mold labeling as well, so there is no need for applying a label at the customers end. If you need custom components for your product lines, or just want to add some practical and nice plastic parts to your tins, we are here to help you!

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