Industrial tins & plastics

Special tins & plastics for industrial, agricultural or pharmaceutical use

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Why choose our packaging for industrial, agricultural or pharmaceutical use?

  • dedicated solutions for every industrial branch
  • long history in making the impossible happen
  • high industrial standards and flexible product range
  • super-light but strong plastic solutions
  • mono-material, recyclable packaging
  • direct decoration and durable materials
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We develop and produce tinplate packaging for chemical and industrial purposes. This packaging needs to be in compliance with the highest quality and safety requirements. We produce metal packaging for products such as paint, antique wax, glue, chemical oil, lacquer/coating, leather grease and ink. Therefore this packaging can be supplied in various sizes and with various types of lids and closures. For the agricultural seed market we manufacture tinplate packaging, which can be used for the export of innovative high grade seeds. The sturdiness of the packaging and the protection it provides to the product are of high importance. The metal tins can be supplied welded or seamed with various types of lids.

Tailor made for you

Curium Netherlands is a producer of radioactive pharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. We were requested to develop packaging which would protect the surroundings from the radioactive radiation of the product. A complex project, due to the high safety risks involved. As a response, we developed and produced a specific range of products. The metal canister where the total product is being packed in is coated with a special protective paint and all the plastic components are also manufactured by us.

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