Food tins & cans

High-quality tins and cans for food, meat and fish to keep the original taste!

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Why choose our tin packaging for food, meat or fish?

  • we protect the taste of your product on its journey
  • we offer designated solutions to every food-type product
  • mono-material, recyclable packaging
  • direct decoration
  • hygienically clean product protection
  • keeps its shape
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Packing meat in cans is a popular method for long-term conservation of the product. Thanks to partnerships with the world’s leading food processing companies, we have gained extensive expertise to pack your food products into metal tins. Our cans are also an excellent packaging solution for fish & meat products.

We also create a lot of other tinplate packaging for special foods. For example metal tins for the use of marmalade, dried fruits, vitamins and homeopathic food supplements. Let it be food, meat or fish: we know a solution!

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