Durable dairy tins for butter, ghee and cheese

Nice tin packaging for butter, ghee and cheese products

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Why choose our tin packaging for your butter, ghee or cheese products?

  • long-term protection against external influences
  • keeping the taste perfect all the way
  • mono-material, recyclable packaging
  • direct decoration
  • durable, keeps its shape
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Packing ghee, butter and cheese in cans is a popular method for long term conservation of the product. Thanks to our extensive expertise we can pack your butter and ghee products into metal tins. These cans are also an excellent packaging solution if you want a decorative, nice finish. Let it be butter, ghee, margarine, cheese: you can trust our dairy packaging. We have special tins for the export market, and every tin is protecting against light, air and any other harmful influence. (we also have multiple full metal options for secondary closing available)

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