Health, beauty and home products

Safe and customizable tins and plastics for all your beauty- and health-line products!

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Why choose our tin packaging for your beauty & home products?

  • EcoDesign materials with recycled PP
  • premium product lines with beautiful finish
  • complete product protection while staying attractive
  • tins are permanently recyclable (market recyclability rate is 93%)
  • hygienically clean product protection
  • can be reused & refilled
  • customizable finish
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We manufacture a huge range of packaging within the Health & Beauty segment. We also choose EcoDesign materials for our cosmetic jars and lids. It means that we can use recycled PP materials to create cosmetic packaging products and product the environment at the same time! We are able to develop and produce the package you wish for your cosmetic products. Jars and lids for cosmetics such as creams, hair products, oils etc. We have a lot of experience in supplying these jars and lids with in-mold labeling, so there is no need for applying a label at the customers end. Furthermore we have a double wall jar in our assortment.

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Tailor made for you

We have designed a new product in 2018 to expand the range of plastic packaging for the cosmetics market. A double walled cosmetic jar! Due to an increasing demand for high-quality and luxurious double-walled jars by a number of potential customers, this innovation has been a must. The jar contains a capacity of 150 ml, has a nice matte finish and has a very user-friendly 3-start lid. The lid can of course be equipped with different seals. The packaging is very sturdy due to the innovative construction. It also gives your product a rich, luxurious appearance. Your product remains perfectly protected against external influences. The packaging can be produced in different colors with a MOQ of 25,000 pieces. The standard colors (black and white) are always in stock, and can be purchased per full pallet.

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